7th Grade Pre-AP Summer Reading

Greetings and welcome to 7th grade ELA Pre-AP. The link will provide you with the information you need regarding the summer reading assignment. You have a choice to read two different books and complete a short assignment to demonstrate your knowledge and creativity. I am most always available through email to answer questions.

Required Text: You are expected to read one of the following novels and complete the assignment.

Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool (2012)

At the end of World War II, Jack Baker, a landlocked Kansas boy, is suddenly uprooted after his mother’s death and placed in a boy’s boarding school in Maine. There, Jack encounters Early Auden, the strangest of boys, who reads the number pi as a story and collects clippings about the sightings of a great black bear in the nearby mountains.

Newcomer Jack feels lost, yet can’t help being drawn to Early, who won’t believe what everyone accepts to be the truth about the Great Appalachian Bear, Timber Rattlesnakes, and the legendary school hero known as The Fish, who never returned from the war. When the boys find themselves unexpectedly alone at school, they embark on a quest on the Appalachian Trail in search of the great black bear. But what they are searching for is sometimes different from what they find. They will meet truly strange characters, each of whom figures into the story Early weaves as they travel, while discovering things they never realized about themselves and others in their lives.

Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg (2014)

Counting By 7s is the story of Willow Chance, a twelve-year old girl who has been identified at an early age as ‘gifted’. Willow lives in Bakersfield, California and comes home from school one day to the news that her parents have been killed in a traffic accident. What follows is Willow’s search to find a place where she belongs. In equal parts an exploration of the pain of loss and of the triumph of moving forward, the novel looks at how one person can change the lives of many, often without even trying.

Assignment: Actively read the novel! Complete the menu boxes for the project.
You may get the novels at the public library or purchase from Barnes & Noble, Kindle or Amazon. Your choice of how you obtain the novel.

Directions: You are going to create a poster of ideas, quotes, thoughts, etc. about your novel. Your poster will contain squares. Using a ruler and pen/marker, divide a piece of cardstock, printer paper, or construction paper into 6 squares. DO NOT FOLD UP THE PAPER TO GET THE SQUARES​.​Your paper should not be any larger than 11”X17” and not smaller than 8.5”X11”. You will be evaluated on depth of thought, neatness, creativity, spelling/grammar, and following instructions. Some students choose to type the information for the boxes and paste the information into the boxes. This is fine as well.

Example of MLA format: “The quick, brown fox jumped over the fence” (56). (notice that sentence punctuation is outside the parenthesis)

Remember this is due August 21 – the first Monday back. You will need to have your contract in at that date or before as well.

Thank you!

Mrs. Winter
7th Grade Pre-AP ELA